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Terms of business
Our Terms of Business and Use of this Website The use of this web site ('site') is made available to you by Independent Funding Solutions LTD (IFS), by entering the site you agree with IFS that you have the capacity to agree and that your use is at your own risk and that IFS and none of its employees agents and contractors involved in creating producing or delivering this site shall be liable for any accessing of personal data by a third party or any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages or any other losses, costs, claims or expense of any kind (including legal expenses) which may arise, directly or indirectly, through the access to, use of, or browsing of this site or through the downloading of any material from this site, including, but not limited to, anything caused by any viruses, bugs, human act of omission or negligence or any computer system, phone line, hardware, software or program malfunctions or any other errors, failures or delays in computer transmission or network connections.Details supplied by you will be held in IFS's computer records and shall not be regarded as confidential and may be used by IFS or any of its agents for marketing (by post, telephone, e-mail or fax) and other purposes subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1984.If you do not want your details to be used for our marketing purposes then please inform IFS in writing. Telephone calls may be recorded and monitored for security purposes and to assist with staff training, under our quality control procedures. If you are applying for finance, your application will be assessed by ifs using a process known as "Credit Scoring" and by searching the files of Credit Reference Agencies who will record this search. IFS Ltd will disclose details about you and your Agreement to Credit Reference Agencies who may make them available to subscribing lenders for future credit assessment or fraud prevention. The exclusive right to control the use of the IFS copyrights and trademarks on this site in the UK is vested with IFS. These may not be copied, reproduced, published, distributed, modified or otherwise used in any form without the express permission of IFS.

Vehicle purchase orders:

*All orders are taken on the understanding and expectation that you, the customer, has read, understood and agreed to the Terms & Conditions listed below.* .

These terms and conditions apply between you (the purchaser) and IFS (the broker) for the sale and purchase of any UK supplied vehicles. UK Vehicles listed on the website are supplied by recommended dealers.

1. Orders 
1.1. Order of a vehicle from this website is an offer by you. All orders are subject to acceptance by IFS, availability from the manufacturers, price changes in Clause 2.2 below. All orders are subject to availability from the manufacturer / supplier. All orders are subject to prices set by the manufacturer / supplier. If the vehicle you have ordered is not available, IFS will contact you by email or telephone (if you have given us your details) to provide possible alternatives. If the vehicle is available and IFS accepts your offer then IFS will contact to complete and return the purchase agreement.
1.2. Approximate delivery dates are given, usually by Telephone or Email, however these are dependent on the manufacturer / supplier and are totally at their discretion. 
It should be noted that any quoted delivery date may be extended and therefore is not contractual.

Orders taken on vehicles being financed are subject to non refundable deposits. Therefore any deposit paid on a Contract Hire, PCP or any other termed scheme cannot be offered as refundable due to the vehicle being ordered by IFS from it's dealer on a non cancellable scheme. 
Finance approval must be attained prior to any vehicle being ordered on a finance scheme of any kind.

2. Prices 
2.1. The prices quoted include VAT, delivery to the dealer, number plates, 12 months Road Fund Licence and the Vehicle Registration Charge.
2.2. IFS reserves the right to change the price either before or after IFS accepts any order, (whether on account of manufacturer / supplier price change, increased material, labour or transport costs). IFS shall notify you of such a change and you have the right to cancel your order if the change is not acceptable. 
2.3. Prices on the web site are for information purposes only and do not constitute an offer by us capable of an acceptance by you.

3. Payment 
3.1. Depending on the vehicle requested and manufacturer requirements, a deposit is not usually needed. However if the vehicle order is specified to an amount of more than £500 over that of the none specified car then a deposit of that difference will be asked for. If your order is not accepted by IFS this will be refunded as soon as possible. If you decide not to proceed with any order that has been accepted by IFS then any deposit paid is non-refundable (except if you cancel your order in accordance with clause 2.2 above due to a price change or failure to supply, in which case your deposit will be repaid to you).
3.2. Payment of any deposit shall be made by Personal Cheque, Banker's Draft or Bank Transfer to a IFS bank account. IFS may not accept your order until we receive cleared funds.
3.3. Payment of the balance due on the vehicle must be made in the manner as agreed with IFS. Title will only transfer to you when the supplying dealer receives payment in full in cleared funds.
3.4. All final balance payments are due either IFS or the vehicle supplier, paid in full, prior to the car being delivered to you.

4. Liability 
4.1. IFS's role is that of broker to the purchaser and IFS's sole obligation is to pass your order, which IFS has accepted, on to the dealer / supplier and therefore IFS accepts no responsibility for any loss arising out of the contract between you and the supplier and purported arrangements relating to the supply of any vehicle.
4.2. IFS does not guarantee the title, quality or performance of the vehicles, and IFS shall bear no responsibility if you are not satisfied with the vehicle purchased.

5. Delivery
5.1. IFS (or our supplier) shall arrange with you delivery of the vehicle to your home or office. While IFS (or our supplier) will arrange delivery, the main dealer's transport company will undertake the actual delivery itself. All deliveries are insured by the dealers transport company, and any damage or scratches that may occur during delivery will be rectified by the supplying dealer.
5.2. Deliveries are restricted to mainland Britain , Wales and Scotland . You may have to pay a charge as agreed with IFS. You will be informed in advance of the amount due.
5.3. Most vehicles supplied are pre-registered with delivery miles. This means you will not be the first registered keeper.
5. 4. Once a vehicle is delivered and signed for by the customer, IFS carries no responsibility for any damage on the vehicle not seen on first inspection. Once the vehicle is delivered andsigned for by you (the customer) IFS has no responsibility for either damage or performance of the vehicle. 
5. 5. IFS (or our supplier) will notify the customer with an exact date for delivery of the vehicle. If however the vehicle is delivered and the customer cannot take the delivery at that time for whatever reason, then the vehicle will be returned to the manufacturer's depot. A second delivery date will be given to the customer and a second delivery charge will be invoiced to the customer. Minimum charge for the second delivery will be £150 (one hundred and fifty pounds). Should a vehicle need to be stored whilst awaiting a second delivery, then a storage charge may be passed on to the customer. Delivery instructions cannot be changed on the day of delivery. The above still applies if the first delivery was 'Free of Charge'. 
5.6. The V5 log book will follow in the post after the date of purchase / delivery. Dependant on manufaturer this can take up to 6 months, but usually only takes 2 - 3 months.

6. Specification
Please note that specifications listed on the IFS website are for guidance purposes only and may differ from the manufacturer's latest updated specification. To be sure you are ordering the correctly specified vehicle please refer to a manufacturer's guide, which could be either the latest brochure or their website. If you are unsure about any options or specification please ask the staff at IFS. All vehicles ordered will be the latest model, as per manufacturers guide. Please note this specification can change during the order period of the vehicle. IFS holds no responsibilty for this change, and you the customer accepts that this is in the hands of the manufacturer, not IFS.

7. Cancellations
7.1 IFS will confirm a price and approximate delivery date to the customer at the time of order. Once you have signed a purchase agreement form you will receive a confirmation letter from us stating both of the above. This is an agreement stating that you wish to purchase the listed motor vehicle from IFS. This agreement cannot be terminated, without penalty, unless the vehicle does not meet the exact requirements of the original order, or with regard to delivery dates, as stated in section 1.2 above.

7.2 Cancelling your vehicle prior to delivery will forfeit your deposit unless IFS can place your vehicle with another customer within 2 weeks. This is due to IFS having to pay for the vehicle when it is ready.

7.3 IFS will not be liable for any consequential loss incurred due to cancellation of an order, or extension of delivery date due to circumstances out of NAS's control.

If you do wish to cancel your vehicle order, you need to put your cancellation by email to: admin@ifsfinance.co.uk Your cancellation is only valid once IFS have confirmed the arrival of your email and have confirmed your cancellation back to you by email or post.

7.4 IFS are entitled to cancel any contract immediately with the customer, without penalty to the customer, by written notice or email if:

The contract has been formed upon the basis of a typographical or arithmetical error, in relation to any term of the contract. 
The manufacturer or supplier can no longer fulfil the order, due to lack of stock, change of discount structure/pricing to IFS, or a cease or change in production. 
If the event of the above two points, a full refund of any deposit paid will be returned to the customer immediately by Cheque.

Statutory Rights
1. Nothing in these conditions shall affect your statutory rights.

Complaints Handling
IFS is committed to customer service. Should you have any complaint about the IFS Service, IFS is committed to resolving complaints in a fair and effective manner.

Please inform IFS by email at: admin@ifsfinance.co.uk should you have any complaint about our service. We are committed to acknowledging your complaint within 48 hours of receipt and undertaking all reasonable efforts to resolving it promptly under the circumstances. We will provide you with a time scale for resolving the dispute and keep you regularly updated with respect to our progress.

Trade ins and valuations: 

IFS VALUATIONS The valuation figure using Glass's Guide Evaluator is designed to give you a basic idea of your used vehicle value. It does not confirm that you will get that figure for your vehicle and the amount quoted should be used as a guide only. The final decision on the valuation will be made by IFS, once they have inspected the vehicle and to avoid errors or misunderstandings you are advised to be brutally honest with your appraisal and description. The vehicles covered by the IFS valuation service, shall be vehicles introduced into the UK market during the last 9 years, and will exclude vehicles under six months old or outside the age and mileage ranges, some specialist or limited edition vehicles, rare vehicles or those in short supply will also not have a value. All valuations given are based on a single transaction in regard to the acquisition of a different vehicle from IFS, values are not cash values, replacement prices, private sales values or insurance settlements and therefore must not be used for any other valuation purposes. IFS may wish to adjust the figure depending on the vehicle's actual mileage and condition when examined. Also different factors such as regional variations, sales promotions, mileage, desirability, model-life cycles and colour will have an effect. The figures quoted are based on three condition descriptions.

EXCELLENT CONDITION Ready for retail sale; mechanically perfect, paintwork unblemished for vehicle under two years old, but may have very slight stone damage on vehicle over two years old or with high mileage. Interior should be immaculate. A full service history must be provided. All equipment fitted should be fully operational. Tyres should be new or nearly new, wheels and trims clean and undamaged.
AVERAGE CONDITION Some wear and tear to mechanical parts may be expected. Some minor repair might be required to the paintwork, although there should be no serious damage requiring replacement bodywork. The car will be of generally tidy appearance inside and out but some expenditure may be required for retail sale. A full service history must be provided. All equipment fitted should be fully operational. Tyres should not be more than half-worn. Wheels and trims should be in good condition.
BELOW AVERAGE CONDITION Requires mechanical repair or some repair to bodywork. The interior may be worn and seats may have marks. Some corrosion, damage or poorly repaired paintwork may need attention. The car may not have a full service history and would not be offered for retail sale without significant expenditure. Major items of equipment such as radios should be operational. Tyres should be legal with an even tread depth across the tyre. Wheels and trims may show evidence of some scuffmarks.
PLEASE NOTE:- The information in this site is not directed at anyone other than UK residents and applications from others will not be accepted. The information contained in this site may not satisfy the laws of any other country. The phone number only applies to phone calls made from the UK. While IFS makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that all information contained in this site is based upon up to date information and correct. In order to avoid any error or misunderstandings you are advised to check with IFS the price, specifications (including colour), equipment and accessories relating to any vehicle, prior to ordering. Accuracy cannot be guaranteed and IFS makes no warranties or representations as to its accuracy. All warranties in relation to the information contained in this site whether express or implied by law are hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. You agree that the above terms represent the entire basis of the agreement between us, upon which you are permitted to enter this site and you agree that all relations between us are subject to the Law of England and Wales.  
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